Diving in Hurghada

(6 hour)

25$ - per person
Children under 16 year do not dive!

Diving is not just a type of active recreation, but also an opportunity to get closer acquainted with the life of the Red Sea, to see the underwater beauty and exotic inhabitants of the deep sea. This is a pleasure and excitement that you need to experience at least once in your life! The Red Sea is considered to be the best place for diving!
The maximum depth for beginners is 10 meters. The Russian guide will tell you all the rules in detail and check if you understand everything!
During the entire dive from the first to the last second, the instructor will be located near you. In its accompaniment you will see the most amazing and amazing coral reefs and diverse inhabitants of the Red Sea. To be at a depth of ten meters – with nothing comparable sensations! It is possible to swim not only to the sides, but also up and down, joining the flock of fish! During the tour you will have two dives. Diving equipment, lunch and refreshments are included in the price.

Transfer from distant hotels is paid additionally.
The tour is held every day.
If you have children or friends who do not want to dive, but just want to spend time on the ship with you and swim with a mask, then this is possible. The price for them is $ 15

The day before the dive, do not drink alcohol.


What is included in the price:

What to take with you:

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